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The Scepters of the Sarru Kishpu and Bel Etu

The Sarru Kishpu and the Bel Etu both have a system of ranking. This ranking is based on the power of kishpu within an individual as well as the StarMage’s ability to wield their power.

The Scepters are listed as such:

1st Scepter – A recent graduate of Lambdu Kishpu and the Tahazu battle training course.

2nd Scepter – Has proven their ability in battle or performed an act that is deemed by the high council as worthy of elevation.

3rd Scepter – Has performed well in a few battles, saved lives or made an amazing discovery to help advance the understanding of Kishpu

4th Scepter – A battle tested veteran who has won the respect of his fellow StarMages. He or She may lead some crucial missions or take control of combat situations if the leaders fall.

5th Scepter – An officer in the Et Lu or Bel Etu, this person has shown some leadership potential or has displayed the power to command and lead a group of warriors.

6th Scepter – A junior commanding officer, in charge of battalions of warriors. Also, scientists/artists who have achieved well beyond the norm are celebrated at this level as well.

7th Scepter – An elite force of warriors – the best of the best.

8th Scepter – Military leaders like Generals or Admirals or planetary ruler (king or president of the lower planets)

9th Scepter – A member of the High Council of the Sarru Kishpu, direct advisers to the King (the Bel Etu do not have a counterpart).

10th Scepter – The King of the Eriduian Empire. Royalty.

11th Scepter – A mythical all powerful level – no one believes it truly exists.