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The Sarru Kishpu

A noble race of Star Mages that have ruled the universe for quite some time. The Sarru Kishpu’s empire stretches across thousands of worlds but only 10 races have been deemed worthy of inclusion into their order.

Eriduian – The most powerful of the Kishpu Star mages, from Eridu. This race is most like the Human Race. This race tends to be the elitist to the Sarru Kishpu society.

Eriduians are typically the leaders of the Sarru Kishpu society and can usually be found in positions of power within the government.
They do have a sense of superiority above the others races as they tend to produce the most powerful Star Mages.


Wasparie – Bug-like race of warriors from the planet Akshak also known as Sector 13, they are most skilled in the war powers of Kishpu. As expected most Wasparie have excellent control of the warrior kishpu and usually join the military.


Wasparie have also been known to be great strategist and they typically hold high ranking positions in the military

Notrudarian – Strange humanoid species from the planet Nippur, they have a power over the elements. Notrudarian are a very passive race and usually do not get involved in physical conflicts.

They have very strong connections to the places around them and can feel when the lands and environments are suffering.


Radeanean – humanoid species with rabbit-like features, from the planet Rapiqum. They have psychic abilities.

They typically feel free to read the minds of others unless they are told not too in which then their ears would be turned down to partly mute their psychic receptors.

They are an empathetic race and are greatly affected when others are suffering.


Larsarian– Fish people – From the planet Larsa – apart from their ability to command the seas, their strength and agility are their primary assets.
This is a ace that tends to be aggressive and quick to anger.

Larsarian’s can usually be found holding lower positions in the military


Waisiku – race of shape shifters, From the planet Noq’Tana, also known as the Planet of Sorrows. Not only can they shape shift, but they possess the ability to change perceptions.

Girsu – Small planet of lower level kishpu users, they are technologically advanced but not quite Wardum.

From the planet Jameson. This is another race that can not only be found in the military but have also made many contributions in the expansion of medical technology and space travel.


Tuatha – From the planet Scullsphere. They are ancient and power practitioners of Kishpu, some gaining as high as 9th Scepter.


Urukian – From the planet Uruk, the oldest known civilization in the universe.


Tiamatians – From the planet Babylon, the former power in the universe, conquered by Eridu in one of the first great wars of the Expansion.


These races are the most powerful in kishpu – the magical power that gives the Sarru Kishpu their strength.  The Sarru Kishpu use their powers to benefit the wardum (non-kishpu wielding) planets to improve their daily lives and provide security.

Those deemed worthy of learning to become a member of the Sarru Kishpu train at Lambdu Kishpu – a school of Kishpu.

Graduates are placed in their appropriate scepter levels based on their accomplishments in the school, their command over kishpu and the power they possess.

Many are assigned to become Et Lu Warriors – the defenders of the realm, while others become members of the high council or the military inner circle. Others become scientists or archaeologists who delve into the past to try to understand Kishpu and it’s place within the laws of the known universe.

The Sarru Kishpu are peace-loving people, but are a powerful enemy to any who disrupt that tranquility.