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Contest! Have Your Cover Featured as a Variant for an IDW Release!

tirwaJPGHey there folks!

As you might already know, Star Mage is impacting the world this coming April as an IDW premium release.

We have a contest running for prospective comic book cover artists.

Variant Covers for Issue #1 and #2 are the subject of this contest.

If you win:

You’ll win $50, plus your cover will be featured as the official variant cover for Star Mage #1 or #2. You’ll also receive a copy of the issue and a credit within the Variant release.

If you don’t win:

You retain the rights to your artwork and your work may be considered as being featured within the anthology.

Deadline to Enter: November 23rd, 2013


1. Please do not place an IDW logo on the comic, they add the logo once the files have been transferred to them and its finalized through their editing process – just leave enough room in the upper left hand corner for the logo to be added.
2. You can enter as many times as you like.
3. The cover submitted should be fully colored and lettered.
4. Any style is allowed – but we ask you keep the look and feel of the characters presented on the original covers.
Disclaimer: The contest winnings will be the extent of what you receive for the cover work. You will not be provided any further compensation and by entering this contest you affirm that if you win, all rights to the work will be transferred to Transmissions From Atlantis Comics and IDW for their use as they see fit.
To enter – send the following information to
Email Address:
Link to the file with the cover image
Original Cover Files can be found here: