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KickStarter Campaign for StarMage Has Been Cancelled.

Tristan-2Hey folks,

First and foremost I’d like to thank you to those believing in our project and contributing to the campaign. You were the backbone of our attempt to bring Darien to the masses and without you backing us, spreading the word and letting folks know about us, we couldn’t have possibly gotten as far as we did.

The cold stark reality is we’re not going to get funded. While there’s typically a flurry of johnny-come-lately’s that are added toward the end of a campaign, you have to at least be in sight of the goal for that bump to make a difference.

We’re nowhere near that right now.

I take full responsibility for that. I botched this thing something good. I made a weak video, I failed to give the rewards properly, the way I went about asking for funding was just all wrong, I wasn’t a big a pain in the backside of my friends and followers to give the campaign the bump it needed to get us at least in striking distance and so we’d get noticed by the kickstarter folks.

Then after the crickets sounded I tried to “fix” the campaign by making multiple changes and causing everything to be even more confusing.

Know this – first and foremost. Darien’s going to live. We believe in this project too darn much to let it die. Everyone I’ve shown it to believes this is something worth fighting for. Even a major comic book company has shown interest in distributing the book for us.

That means something’s there.

So we’re going to end this campaign, take a few days and regroup. We may do another revamped campaign, we may try to go digital and build a following or we’ll look at other publishers who can perhaps help us see the light of day.

Whatever we do, I hope it won’t dissuade you from offering your support once again.

Since this campaign failed, you will not be charged a single penny of your backer pledge.

Thank you again for your support and we’ll talk to you soon!

JC De La Torre

The post KickStarter Campaign for StarMage Has Been Cancelled. appeared first on Star Mage Comic.

The post KickStarter Campaign for StarMage Has Been Cancelled. appeared first on Transmissions From Atlantis.

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