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Franco Cespedes

JC De La Torre announces a Star Mage pre-order at comic shops contest!

Preview1Star Mage creator JC De La Torre loves him the local comic shops!

To promote the pre-order of the Star Mage Trade-paperback at local comic shops, he’s offering the following contest.

Win a $100 and all of series two (when published) signed by JC De La Torre for free!

To enter the contest –

1. Pre-order Star Mage for $19.99 at your favorite local comic shop. (Only comic shops, pre-orders through Amazon or at regular book stores, i.e. Barnes and Noble aren’t eligible for this contest).

2. Take a picture of your receipt.

3. Email it to with subject heading – Star Mage Local Comic Shop Contest

We will randomly choose a winner from entries. All entries must be received by December 3rd.

Did you order through Amazon or Barnes and Noble? No worries, we’ll have a contest for you very soon!

Note: Publishing date for series 2 is at the discretion of IDW Publishing. Only receipts from comic shops will be considered. 


Star Mage #5 – Ghosts of the Past Now Available


Star Mage #5 – Ghosts of the Past is now available! Orasmas’ terrible new weapon forces Arylos to make a tremendous sacrifice. Darien learns of the horrors in the Sarru Kishpu’s past and Orasmas’ wicked plan to destroy the empire.

Look for it wherever awesome comics are sold…and if your shop isn’t carrying them, publicly shame them and then have them order it for you!

Star Mage does not condone any type of violence against our beloved purveyors of comic books. Without our shop tenders, how would you get Star Mage awesomeness?

Star Mage #5 (of 6) – The Ghosts of the Past

Available Now!

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Franco Cespedes joins Transmissions From Atlantis Comics!

Franco photo

Transmissions From Atlantis Comics is proud to announce the addition of Franco Cespedes to our artist lineup. Franco joins Ray Dillon as illustrator on our flagship title, Star Mage.

An illustrator from Costa Rica, Franco is an accomplished artist with numerous credits in the indie comics world including Black Jack Press’ Rustlers, Badlands and his own creator owned projects, Asusto and El Hallazgo.

In 2006, Franco formed his own animation company, Quinema Animation Studio, dedicated to digital advertising and animation developing original content for entertainment. He worked there as art director and senior animator. In 2010 he developed the animation series Chotico Costa Rica, which was broadcast on Costa Rican National Television and received rave reviews.

“‘I’m so happy for the opportunity for be part of STARMAGE story,” Cespedes said after finding out the news he was chosen from a group of over 60 artists. Cespedes will be taking on the role of lead illustrator for Star Mage, formally manned by Ray Dillon.

“Franco was the clear choice,” Star Mage Creator and co-owner of TFA Comics JC De La Torre said, “He was the only artist to truly capture the essence of Star Mage the same way Ray Dillon did. We feel that Franco will be not only an excellent successor to Ray but truly help us take Star Mage to a whole new level.”

Dillon’s continuing role with the project is undetermined at this time but De La Torre is hopefully he will find a place with the project.

“I can’t tell you how thankful I am for Ray Dillon,” De La Torre said, “Not only is Ray an amazing artist but I consider him and his lovely wife Renae friends. Ray bent over backwards to accommodate my lack of knowledge of the industry and helped me learn so much. I am eternally grateful to what Ray and I were able to accomplish with Star Mage #1 and I can’t wait for the world to see the foundation that Ray built that will allow talented artists like Franco to continue on. I’m hopeful that in some way, Ray will remain involved in Star Mage and our other projects here at TFA Comics.”

Franco has a beautiful command of colors as well as a brilliant technique that makes him the perfect choice to work for Transmissions From Atlantis.


The post Franco Cespedes joins Transmissions From Atlantis Comics! appeared first on Star Mage Comic.

The post Franco Cespedes joins Transmissions From Atlantis Comics! appeared first on Transmissions From Atlantis.

The post Franco Cespedes joins Transmissions From Atlantis Comics! appeared first on Star Mage Comic.