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Tristan Campbell

Species: Earthen

Bio: Tristan is the former boyfriend of Gemma and like her is a wardum from Earth. He has strength and athletic ability that is not common with typical Earthens but his lack of intelligence and quick temper seemed to upset that balance.

Lineage: Wardum Parents from Earth, inconsequential.

Affiliation: None

Scepter:  He is a wardum and will not be considered for scepter leveling.

Powers: Physical strength and fitness. He has no magical powers.

Orasmas Xul Sarrum

Species: Eriduian

Bio: Orasmas is the son of Dalidor the Great – the legendary king of the Sarru Kishpu. He rebelled against his father when Dalidor refused to use his power for domination over all the planets in the known universe. Dalidor refused to make slaves out of the wardum planets and chose peace. Because of this, Orasmas created the dark mages known as the Bel Etu, attracting other StarMages – all former members of the Sarru Kishpu – who agreed with Orasmas’ views and swore to bring down the King.

The civil war that erupted has lasted for several decades with no end in sight. Even after the disappearance of all of Orasmas’ family and the succession of the Sarru Kishpu’s throne to another king – Orasmas has yet to secure enough power to end the Sarru Kishpu and become the tyrant he has always wanted to be.

Yet he still schemes to achieve his end goal.

Lineage: Dalidor the Great (10th king of the Sarru Kishpu) and Kaela

Affiliation: Bel Etu

Scepter: 10th Scepter

Powers: Unlimited.