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Darien Connors

Species: Eriduian

Bio: Darien Connors is the son of Dalidor the Great – the legendary king of the Sarru Kishpu. How he ended up on the Wardum planet Earth is a mystery but it’s believed that Dalidor took him their for protection from the Bel Etu and their Dark King, Orasmas Xul Sarrum. Darien would have never been discovered if not for a bullying incident on Earth that caused the boy to manifest his kishpu.

The Great Et Lu Warrior Arylos found the boy and transported him back to Eridu. Darien has no knowledge of his lineage or power.

Lineage: Dalidor the Great (10th king of the Sarru Kishpu) and Kaela

Affiliation: Sarru Kishpu

Scepter: Yet to be determined but tracking to 9th Scepter.

Powers: Yet to be determined but he can cast spells without incantations –  a skill few StarMages possess.




ArylosProfileSpecies: Eriduian

Bio: Arylos is a mysterious character who showed up one day and quickly earned the good graces of King Dalidor the Great. While no record exists of him every attending Lambdu Kishpu, Arylos was awarded an eighth scepter designation by the king. Arylos quickly grew in admiration among his troops as instead of hiding in some command center on Eridu, he was on the front lines against the rebellion in his ship, the La Sana. When Dalidor fled with his wife and child from the onslaught of the Bel Etu, it was Arylos who seemed to keep the wolves at bay – devising the intricate and powerful gate to the inner worlds of the Sarru Kishpu known as Babu Badgaldingir.

Still, as the outer worlds fall under the thumb of Orasmas, the High Council and the new King knew that the Sarru Kishpu would not survive without Dalidor’s power. Arylos was sent to find Dalidor and his progeny. He would soon discover that Dalidor and Queen Kaela were dead and all that remained was the untrained Darien who while powerful was ignorant to the ways of Kishpu.

Lineage: classified

Affiliation: Sarru Kishpu

Scepter: Eighth scepter Et Lu Necromancer Star Mage of the Sarru Kishpu

Powers: Arylos is a powerful StarMage with command over most of the four elements as well as extremely powerful space prowess. His ship conjure is the largest in the fleet and while not much is known about his lineage, his ability is rare among even the Eriduians.


tirwaJPGSpecies: Radeanean

Bio: Tirwa was the first friend Darien made on Eridu. A student at Lambdu Kishpu, she assisted Darien in adjusting to life as a fledge-mage (student). Now one of his closest confidants, Tirwa will be at Darien’s side for some of the gravest battles in the history of the Sarru Kishpu.

Lineage: Orina and Torpathor

Affiliation: Sarru Kishpu

Scepter: Yet to be determined but tracking to 6th Scepter.

Powers:  She, as with all Radeaneans, has the power of psychic ability.  But Tirwa strives to become more than the limitations her species has placed upon her.



anthaarSpecies: Wasparie

Bio:  Anthaar was introduced to Darien through Tirwa and the two quickly became friends. As part of the same house, both Anthaar and Darien worked together on projects and Anthaar quickly became one of Darien’s strongest allies. Anthaar’s father, Shyfir is also close friends with Arylos.

Lineage: Shyfir and Anteri

Affiliation: Sarru Kishpu

Scepter: Yet to be determined but tracking to 7th Scepter.

Powers: Like all of his race, Anthaar has the uncanny ability to control his fighting powers of Kishpu. Tremendous warriors, the Wasparie are typically on the front lines in the battles against the enemy of the Sarru Kishpu and can rise as far as 7th scepters to command armies.



unuraSpecies: Notrudarian

Bio: Unura met Darien through Tirwa and became fast friends. Along with Anthaar, the quartet were inseparable while Darien acclimated himself to life as a fledge-mage. Unura was there for Darien when Orasmas Xul Sarrum came to capture the boy. Unura, like most of her kind, is very quiet and reserved. She only speaks when she has something extremely important to say.

Lineage: Kontos and Mirnura

Affiliation: Sarru Kishpu

Scepter: Yet to be determined but tracking to 6th Scepter.

Powers: All Notrudarians have the power over the elements – water, wind, fire, land and use these as weapons to destroy their enemies or  in peace time, help a farmer with their crops.


Gemma Gutierrez

Species: Earthen

Bio: Gemma is young wardum girl from the planet Earth. She befriended Darien during his time on the planet and became an interest to the boy. Not much is known of her other than it was because of her that Darien was bullied and forced to use his kishpu for the first time.

Lineage: Wardum Parents from Earth, inconsequential.

Affiliation: None

Scepter:  She is a wardum and will not be considered for scepter leveling.

Powers: Control of Darien’s heart.