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ArylosProfileSpecies: Eriduian

Bio: Arylos is a mysterious character who showed up one day and quickly earned the good graces of King Dalidor the Great. While no record exists of him every attending Lambdu Kishpu, Arylos was awarded an eighth scepter designation by the king. Arylos quickly grew in admiration among his troops as instead of hiding in some command center on Eridu, he was on the front lines against the rebellion in his ship, the La Sana. When Dalidor fled with his wife and child from the onslaught of the Bel Etu, it was Arylos who seemed to keep the wolves at bay – devising the intricate and powerful gate to the inner worlds of the Sarru Kishpu known as Babu Badgaldingir.

Still, as the outer worlds fall under the thumb of Orasmas, the High Council and the new King knew that the Sarru Kishpu would not survive without Dalidor’s power. Arylos was sent to find Dalidor and his progeny. He would soon discover that Dalidor and Queen Kaela were dead and all that remained was the untrained Darien who while powerful was ignorant to the ways of Kishpu.

Lineage: classified

Affiliation: Sarru Kishpu

Scepter: Eighth scepter Et Lu Necromancer Star Mage of the Sarru Kishpu

Powers: Arylos is a powerful StarMage with command over most of the four elements as well as extremely powerful space prowess. His ship conjure is the largest in the fleet and while not much is known about his lineage, his ability is rare among even the Eriduians.

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