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anthaarSpecies: Wasparie

Bio:  Anthaar was introduced to Darien through Tirwa and the two quickly became friends. As part of the same house, both Anthaar and Darien worked together on projects and Anthaar quickly became one of Darien’s strongest allies. Anthaar’s father, Shyfir is also close friends with Arylos.

Lineage: Shyfir and Anteri

Affiliation: Sarru Kishpu

Scepter: Yet to be determined but tracking to 7th Scepter.

Powers: Like all of his race, Anthaar has the uncanny ability to control his fighting powers of Kishpu. Tremendous warriors, the Wasparie are typically on the front lines in the battles against the enemy of the Sarru Kishpu and can rise as far as 7th scepters to command armies.


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