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About StarMage

Darien is a gifted 14 year old boy who discovers that he is not human and part of an ancient war between alien magical races. While he learns of his legacy, destiny and importance to the battle, Darien establishes bonds with new, strange friends and learns his magical craft of Kishpu.

The first series consists of all of these elements as well as setting up the mythology of the Sarru Kishpu, the world of Eridu and their enemies. We’re introduced to Darien’s three friends – Unura, Tirwa and Anthaar – each aliens with their own powers that become crucial in the end game against their hated enemy, Orasmas Xul Sarrum. While the story starts on Earth, we will be taken to the far reaches of the galaxy, meet new races and discover strange new worlds.

The first StarMage comic run will be released as a six part mini-series published by IDW but will have the opportunity to grow well beyond as long as you, our defenders of the realm, continue to support us!