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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Star Mage Release Dates and Ordering Information

The following are the release dates and pre-order information for the Star Mage Series.

Please note, all dates are subject to change.


Star Mage #1 (of 6) – Darien


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SM Issue 2 COVER

Star Mage #2 (of 6) – Eridu

Available Now!

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Cover SM 3

Star Mage #3 (of 6) – Rebellion and Desertion

Available Now!

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Cover issue 4

Star Mage #4 (of 6) – A Troubling Search

Available Now!

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SM COVER ISSUE 5 Star Mage #5 (of 6) – The Ghosts of the Past

Available Now!

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SM6CoverStar Mage #6 (of 6) – The Planet of Sorrows

Available Now!

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Covers for the First Five Issues of Star Mage!

SM1IDWSM Issue 2 COVERCover SM 3

Cover issue 4SM COVER ISSUE 5


Meet Star Mage Creator JC De La Torre this Saturday at Heroes Haven!

JCStar Mage writer and creator JC De La Torre will be signing copies of Star Mage #1 from 12pm-4pm at Heroes Haven comics in Tampa!

Heroes Haven is Tampa Bay’s premiere comic book store with collectibles, the latest comics and all the trade paperbacks.

This will be JC’s official release party for Star Mage. Come hang out, get your Star Mage comic book signed ask questions or just say hi!

Find out more here:

JC De La Torre

Transmissions From Atlantis Episode 74 – All About Star Mage

Yay! It’s finally here! Release week for Star Mage! Star Mage writer/Creator JC De La Torre and his lovely wife Rita give you the full scoop on everything Star Mage!

Who is Darien Connors? Is Star Mage kid friendly? What is Kishpu? Who are the main characters/villains? JC breaks it all down for you and also gives you the backstory on how this comic series came into being.

All on a special Episode 74 of Transmissions From Atlantis!

Download Now!







Transmissions From Atlantis Episode 74


- Opening

- Main Topic – All About Star Mage

- Closing featuring Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing

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CBR Interviews JC De La Torre!

CBRComic Book Resources has posted an interview with Star Mage writer/creator JC De La Torre. JC talks about his influences,  how the book ended up at IDW and more!

The post CBR Interviews JC De La Torre! appeared first on Star Mage Comic.

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Star Mage – Who is Unura?


Coming April 16th – Star Mage pre-order now at your local comic shop with the code FEB140444

Species: Notrudarian

Bio: Unura met Darien through Tirwa and became fast friends. Along with Anthaar, the quartet were inseparable while Darien acclimated himself to life as a fledge-mage. Unura was there for Darien when Orasmas Xul Sarrum came to capture the boy. Unura, like most of her kind, is very quiet and reserved. She only speaks when she has something extremely important to say.

Lineage: Kontos and Mirnura

Affiliation: Sarru Kishpu

Scepter: Yet to be determined but tracking to 6th Scepter.

Powers: All Notrudarians have the power over the elements – water, wind, fire, land and use these as weapons to destroy their enemies or  in peace time, help a farmer with their crops.


The post Star Mage – Who is Unura? appeared first on Star Mage Comic.

The post Star Mage – Who is Unura? appeared first on Transmissions From Atlantis.