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JC’s Star Mage Progress

StarMage #1 - Darien

22/ 22 pages. 100.0% done!

StarMage #2 - Eridu

22/ 22 pages. 100.0% done!

StarMage #3 - Rebellion and Desertion

23/ 23 pages. 100% done!

StarMage #4 - A Troubling Search

22/ 22 pages. 100% done!

StarMage #5 - The Ghosts of the Past

22/ 22 pages. 100% done!

StarMage #6 - The Planet of Sorrows

22/ 22 pages. 100% done!

Recent Comments

    JC De La Torre announces a Star Mage pre-order at comic shops contest!

    Preview1Star Mage creator JC De La Torre loves him the local comic shops!

    To promote the pre-order of the Star Mage Trade-paperback at local comic shops, he’s offering the following contest.

    Win a $100 and all of series two (when published) signed by JC De La Torre for free!

    To enter the contest -

    1. Pre-order Star Mage for $19.99 at your favorite local comic shop. (Only comic shops, pre-orders through Amazon or at regular book stores, i.e. Barnes and Noble aren’t eligible for this contest).

    2. Take a picture of your receipt.

    3. Email it to with subject heading – Star Mage Local Comic Shop Contest

    We will randomly choose a winner from entries. All entries must be received by December 3rd.

    Did you order through Amazon or Barnes and Noble? No worries, we’ll have a contest for you very soon!

    Note: Publishing date for series 2 is at the discretion of IDW Publishing. Only receipts from comic shops will be considered. 


    Star Mage – The First Series Tradepaperback Info!


    • Star Mage – The First Series Trade Paperback

    JC De La Torre, author of the critically acclaimed novel Ancient Rising, gives us a new fusion of Science Fiction and Magic in Star Mage! Darien Connors discovers he’s not from Earth, has strange magical powers, and is the key in an ancient war between two alien races of necromancers. Star Mage offers wizard battles with a side of spaceship warfare, alien worlds, and weird creatures.

    All six issues of the first series of JC De La Torre’s Sci-Fi and Fantasy Epic Star Mage are collected in to one awesome trade paperback. Including the six issues, this collection also features a new Star Mage story written by White Chapel co-writer Martin Dunn with art from Derrick Fish, crests of the Houses of Lambdu Kishpu and concept art by Ray Dillon and Franco Cespedes.

    Get the perfect Christmas gift this December!

    Pre-order codes for the Star Mage Trade paperback -

    • Comic Book Shops: OCT140575
    • Regular Book Stores (Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Etc.): 978-1631400711

                                         Release Date: December 3rd, 2014 (subject to change)


    Amazon     BN Powell's


    Out of the USA, order from these fine Amazon stores

    gb     de      jp    ca




    Final Issue of Series One – Star Mage #6 Planet of Sorrows is now available!

    The final issue of series one of Star Mage has been released! Star Mage is published by IDW Publishing.

    Issue #6 The Planet of Sorrows

    SM6CoverStar Mage #6 (of 6) – The Planet of Sorrows

    JC De La Torre (w), Franco Cespedes (c, a)

    JC De La Torre’s thrilling first series of Star Mage comes to a close as all roads lead to the Planet of Sorrows. The quartet battle for their lives in a final showdown with Orasmas and the Bel Etu – can Darien save his family and friends? Franco Cespedes’ vivid colors and visuals spellbound in this magical finale.

    FC • 32pages • $3.99

    Bullet Points

    • Features a preview of JC De La Torre’s vampire comic series, White Chapel.
    • Comics The Gathering says Star Mage is “a great premise, fantastic art and tonnes of heart”
    • Series Finale

    ComicShopLocatorcomixologyLogoAmazon 62_tile_img_full_0


    StarMage6-1 StarMage6-2 StarMage6-3 StarMage6-4

    JC De La Torre Inteviewed by Bleeding Cool!


    Star Mage writer and creator JC De La Torre was interviewed by top comics and pop culture website Bleeding Cool. JC discusses the final issue of this series, the future of Star Mage and other projects he will be working on.

    Check it out here!

    Come meet Star Mage Creator JC De La Torre at DragonCon!!!

    Our 2014 DragonCon schedule is set!

    Title: 80 Years of Flash Gordon!
    Description: From comic strip to awesome movie and cartoons back to comics, this panel runs down the awesomeness of Flash (ah-ah!) Gordon.
    Time: Thu 08:30 pm Location: M303-M304 – Marriott (Length: 1 Hour)


    Title: Ghostbusters: 30th Anniversary of Mass Hysteria
    Description: This panel will remind us of when you tried to drill a hole in your head.
    Time: Thu 10:00 pm Location: M303-M304 – Marriott (Length: 1 Hour)


    Title: Broadchurch
    A discussion of new casting and rumors and a comparison of the American version, Gracepoint, also starring David Tennant.
    Fri 01:00 pm; « Macon; 1 Hour

    Title: Nothing Is More Airwolf than Airwolf
    Description: On its 30th anniversary, this panel explores the awesomeness of the high-tech ’80s TV helicopter.
    Time: Sat 02:30 pm Location: M303-M304 – Marriott (Length: 1 Hour)


    Title: Real Ghostbusters: The Best & The Beautiful
    Description: Favorite episodes are discussed with a crowd of gatekeepers and keymasters.
    Time: Sat 04:00 pm Location: M303-M304 – Marriott (Length: 1 Hour)


    Title: Understanding Science Fiction & Fantasy Podcasting
    Description: A discussion of the complexities of attracting an audience of different sci-fi and fantasy fandoms, keeping that audience, and growing reach.
    Time: Sat 07:00 pm Location: 203 – Hilton (Length: 1 Hour)


    Title: Spelunking Atlantis
    Description: Archaeology plays an important role in the SG franchise, and Atlantis is no exception. This panel digs into truths and fiction.
    Time: Sun 01:00 pm Location: Chastain HIJ – Westin (Length: 1 Hour)


    Title: Sherlock
    Description: Sherlock Series 3 has come and gone. A chat on all things Sherlock and its many incarnations, future prospects, and past mishaps.
    Time: Sun 02:30 pm Location: Grand Ballroom West – Hilton (Length: 1 Hour)


    Title: Sci-Fi for your Wi-Fi
    Description: An inside look at Doctor Geek’s Laboratory and the new production Continuum Force.
    Time: Sun 08:30 pm Location: Chastain HIJ – Westin (Length: 2.5 Hours)

    Star Mage #5 – Ghosts of the Past Now Available


    Star Mage #5 – Ghosts of the Past is now available! Orasmas’ terrible new weapon forces Arylos to make a tremendous sacrifice. Darien learns of the horrors in the Sarru Kishpu’s past and Orasmas’ wicked plan to destroy the empire.

    Look for it wherever awesome comics are sold…and if your shop isn’t carrying them, publicly shame them and then have them order it for you!

    Star Mage does not condone any type of violence against our beloved purveyors of comic books. Without our shop tenders, how would you get Star Mage awesomeness?

    Star Mage #5 (of 6) – The Ghosts of the Past

    Available Now!

    ComicShopLocatorcomixologyLogoAmazon 62_tile_img_full_0